Vancouver - O Canada!

Vancouver - O Canada!

No visit of the Pacific Northwest would be complete without a detour to Canada. So I packed my bags and toured the beautiful Vancouver.

Panorama of Vancouver.

The city of Vancouver is the northern tip of the so-called megacity which runs along the Portland–Seattle–Vancouver corridor. It's the largest city in British Columbia (BC), having a population of around 600.000 and more than two million people living in the metropolitan area. The capitol of BC though is Victoria. The metro region is the third largest in Canada after Toronto and Montreal. The surroundings of Vancouver are almost too beautiful, the North Shore Mountains are acting as a backdrop for most of the city views. Furthermore, on a clear day, Mount Baker is visible from most of the city. The Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River are located on the north and south respectively. With all this nature in close proximity it is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally more than 52% of the population are not of European Canadian origin, making it one of the ethnically diverse cities worldwide. Mix all that with a good public transportation, a modern and clean infrastructure and you have one of the tourist highlights on the west coast of North America.

Whether you call it rain city (because of the rainy weather in the winter), Vansterdam (for its lax attitudes towards recreational drug use) or Vancity, be sure to spent there some days. If you fancy some sightseeing check out the following spots:

  • Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America
  • Harbour Centre, including the "Lookout", a 360-degree viewing deck
  • Gastown, the original settlement of Vancouver and its major landmark the Steam Clock