Uspallata - Alta Montaña

Uspallata - Alta Montaña

After having looked at the Andes so many times in Mendoza, I decided to do a stopover in the mountains to experience some nature (and to get a break from wine and cities). I opted for Uspallata, a town approximately 100 kilometers from Mendoza into the Andes, and the same distance to go to the Chileanean border. The small town offers a lot of hiking and biking possibilities in the surrounding landscape and serves as a base for climbers visiting the Cerro Aconcagua. I rented a mountain bike and explored the area, among other things:

  • The Cerro Siete Colores, a peak located 12 kilometers east of the town which features beautifully colored stones.
  • Las Bóvedas, a dwelling site of the 17th century only 1,5 kilometers outside of the town including a pretty mediocre museum.
  • The Cerro Tunduqueral, a small peak which features Inca petroglyphs and stunning views of the alta montaña.
  • The Café Tibet, a café in the town center, don't come for the food or drinks but for the props from the movie Seven Years in Tibet, which was shot in the surroundings¹.

To summarize it: a lot of biking, mixed weather conditions (sun, rain, thunderstorms and hail), power outages (for almost half a day, and no one cared, amazing) and thus the perfect time to simply peace out for a few days.

This was the last stop in Argentina before I headed out to Chile.

¹: Actually, huge parts of the movie were shot in Argentina, e.g. the scene where Heinrich Harrer (Brad Pitt) leaves for India was filmed at the [train station]( of [La Plata]( (see: [IMBd](