Lost in Translation - The Top 10 Chinese Sign Fails

Lost in Translation - The Top 10 Chinese Sign Fails

Chinglish or Chinese English is omnipresent when you're travelling through China and is always good for a photo, an anecdote or a laugh when you're trying to cope with the culture. I snapped some pictures while I was crossing the country, read here, here or here for the latest installments of the "One Day in ..." series. And now without further ado the top ten of the most ridiculous signs I encountered.

Number 10

Suddenly you get warned that there might be a vista. Most likely the official wanted to tell us something else here. Of course the ubiquitous "no smoking" hint needs to be placed there as well. But it's a pretty sign though.

Number 9

I'm a fan of politeness so I'm also a fan of this sign. Rest assured that I didn't throw anything.

Number 8

This seems to happen in China so be aware of pinching.

Number 7

Almost! But the official who designed this sign should check the spelling again.

Number 6

Yes, trees are life forms too. And again, "no smoking" needs to be mentioned as well.

Number 5

We always knew that the tone in China is more strict than elsewhere in the world so even as a tourist you have to follow orders.

Number 4

This is more a case of didn't see that one coming and sad I didn't go there, the "Patriotism Education Base", I'm sure you'll find this only in China, or maybe in North Korea.

Number 3

I still wonder what's happening in there.

Number 2

Maybe this is only funny if you're a computer scientist, but I've always wanted to visit the central processing unit in real life, finally I can do it! Sadly this refers to the China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing.

Number 1

And the unchallenged number one, again I agree, grass is also a life form, but the spelling and grammar!